20mm Clear Color Crystalball CC-C5

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20mm Clear Color Crystalball CC-C5

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C5-Set OF 10 20mm Clear Color Crystalball Austrian Style Ball Crystal Prisms. These Are Called Crystal Ball Pendants In The Antique Trade. The Quality Is Excellent. The Sparkle And Rainbows These Crystals Give Off Are Truly Breathtaking! They Can Be Used To Add To Your New Or Antique Chandeliers, And Are Also Great As Suncatchers, Windchimes, Or Perfect As Christmas Tree Decorations. These Beautiful Balls Are Sure To Lend A Special Atmosphere Anywhere They Are Placed! Available Sizes: 40Mm (Approx Size Of Golf Ball), 30Mm(Approx Size Of Ping-Pong Ball), 20Mm(Approx Size Of A Marble) Size:20Mm Color:Crystal Clear

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